Which are Currently the Top 5 Popular Online Brokers and What Makes Them Unique?


Trading financial securities often requires that you use a broker. When looking to use an online broker to trade securities and invest, it is very important that you use one that is reputable. Fortunately there are a number of online brokers who have excellent reputations and provide the best quality service available. When looking to evaluate online brokers, it is important to evaluate things such as reliability, low commissions and fees, site performance, trading tools, research tools, customer service, mobile platforms and investment research. You will also want to look for things such as options trading platforms available and educational tools as well. As of now, the top five online trading brokers are Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TradeStation, TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.


According to recent sources, the firm Fidelity has been rated as the top online broker. This firm has established a reputation as being one of the most trusted brokerage firms in the United States. Its main strengths are trade reliability, site performance, equity trading tools, customer service and research tools. The online broker is also known for providing excellent investment research tools, mobile trading platforms, portfolio analysis and also a number of educational resources. By being very strong in all of these major categories, Fidelity has established itself as an online broker that traders should consider using.


The firm known as Charles Schwab is among the top online brokers around. They are a financial services firm with a stellar reputation. When it comes to the strengths of this firm, Charles Schwab is well known for being superior with trade reliability, site performance and equity trading tools. It is also among the top brokers in categories such as customer service, research tools and investment research. Charles Schwab is well regarded for other features such as portfolio analysis and reports and education resources as well.


Another one of the best online brokers is TradeStation. This firm is not as well known as Fidelity and Charles Schwab but it has a number of benefits it offers to investors. TradeStation is among the best online brokers in trade reliability, equity trading tools and research tools. It is also among the best in terms of mobile trading platforms, educational resources and ETF choices. As a result, many investors who use this broker will be able to easily and efficiently make trades, research securities and also trade with a mobile device. Investors are also in position to educate themselves on securities and how to invest in them as ell. Therefore, TradeStation has a lot to offer investors when it comes to an online broker.


Whenever an individual is looking to trade online, one of the brokers that they will want to consider is TD Ameritrade. This broker has an excellent reputation and is known as one of the very best around. TD Ameritrade offers many benefits to consumers such as great customer service, equity trading tools, research tools and investment research. It also provides mobile platforms and mobile trading platforms along with an options trading platform. Investors can also take advantage of educational resources as well which can help them gain more knowledge about what they are investing in.


Investors who are looking to use one of the top online brokers will benefit by using Interactive Brokers. This particular online broker is among the best in a number of important categories. With this broker, investors can take advantage of things such as trade reliability, low commissions & fees, excellent site performance and also equity trading tools. You can also take advantage of one of the very best mobile trading platforms and opportunities and also use one of the very best online trading platforms around. Another great thing that Interactive Brokers offers is portfolio analysis & reports which tracks an investors progress on a regular basis.


Using an online broker is an important source to use when looking to invest online. Fortunately there are five brokers that are among the best in terms or reputation and performance. All of these top five online brokers offer things such as reliability, research tools, low commissions and fees and also mobile trading platforms. They also provide excellent customer service which provides investors with the guidance they need in order to succeed in online investing.

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