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Founded 2014
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Regulation is a legal browser based software that is compatible with regulated brokers from CySEC
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Tablet Trading Yes
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  • Highly professional product
  • Most advanced algorithms in the world
  • Easy to use Binary Trading Software – Credibility, Flexibility, Reliability, Equals Confidence

Binary trading applications are an appealing option for many investment traders. If the system is well designed, it affords traders a degree of control that cannot be established without computerization. A fair percentage of binary systems are open and honest, but a few in the industry have proven undependable with the only aim being to exploit their users.
OptionRobot is a highly recommended binary trading platform that is respects both the security and privacy of its users. Customers view the automation of OptionRobot to be credible and the system extremely user-friendly. Using a trio of systems, six market sensitive indicators and extensive support, OptionRobot is growing as an extremely well reviewed binary trading software for investors.

Using Binary Trading

When selecting a binary trading option, it is critical to avoid being scammed. The whole idea behind investment trading is to increase monetary gain, not hand over money to an unscrupulous schemer. There are dishonest systems, so review and research of trustworthy binary software options is highly recommended.
It is suggested that multiple options are explored before deciding on which trading venue meets all the important requirements. The idea is to feel comfortable with investing money in a robotic system that can make trade transactions faster than is humanely possible.

OptionRobot’s History

OptionRobot was created in Europe in late 2014. The binary trading software is available currently in over 25 different languages. It has been reviewed dozens of times across the binary trading network with predominately excellent reports from highly competent industry experts.
The system is available to traders within the United States, with four of the currency pairs matching US dollars with other foreign exchange currencies. Users are able to coordinate and monitor trading activity from a standard PC, plus OptionRobot is compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Website Design

There are some critical things that must be expected from trustworthy binary trading software and OptionRobot meets these expectations. The design and function of the website should be the first criteria used to judge the legitimateness of a binary trading site.
If the site has load issues that are not typical of other websites on a computer, potential users need to proceed with caution. It may be as simple as a shared hosting situation, which has the potential to expose private information.
When a business seems reluctant to spend a little extra to establish a user-friendly website, with a dedicated server, there may be an underlying ulterior motive. When considering binary trading software a competent, trustworthy website is a priority.
OptionRobot’s website establishes a strong sense of credibility instantly on the homepage. There is a visible tab at the top of the page showing all the available brokers, plus settings and links for setting up an account. Individual broker reviews are included with a helpful list of minimum deposits and acceptable currencies.
From this list of respected brokers, with a review of each one included, traders are able to conduct additional research of these compatible brokers. This is rarely an option on other binary trading platforms and is a refreshing signal that OptionRobot is open and honest with their customers.
Having the ability to review and choose from a list of brokers immediately starts to build confidence in OptionRobot even before a user elects to download the free software. While website design should not be used as the final criteria in assessing the credibility of a binary trading option, having one that is user-friendly and credible is important. clearly establishes customer credibility as their homepage opens up.


Another sign of an honest reputation when it comes to binary robotic trading are the compatible brokers that are offered. When the compatible broker options are suspect, it sheds an unfavorable light on the software itself. OptionRobot uses four primary binary option robot brokers, each with a solid standing for customer privacy, honesty and available support.
When a binary trading robot limits the list of compatible brokers, especially with entities that have suspect reputations, extreme caution should be used before considering a deposit. OptionRobot removes any air of doubt on compatible broker competency by listing them front and center on the homepage adjacent to the registration steps, plus on the menu bar.
Traders will be able to review StockPar,, BinaryTilt and Empireoption, before selecting a single broker, or collection to employ diversity in their binary portfolio. There are also now 16 individual brokerage options available as the capabilities of the software are expanded. This is another sign of a truthful ambition for an open association with the needs of traders.
The ability to trade with four respectable broker options cements the credibility of OptionRobot, further establishing user confidence. With additional broker options being implemented regularly, diversity is obviously an ongoing goal.


OptionRobot establishes the credibility of their features right from the beginning. Robotic trading systems that seem vague or fail to address the diversity of their software should be considered skeptical trading alternatives, at best. Usually when there is no mention of features, or trading systems, these systems inherently malfunction, perform poorly, or periodically have failures that put investment funds in jeopardy.

  • 3 Trading Systems – There are three clearly posted trading systems on the OptionRobot homepage. The Classic System offers secure trading for investors new to the binary trading concept, the Martingale System for high-speed productivity and the flexible accuracy of the Fibonacci System. Traders are offered the flexibility of choosing any one of these profitable money management systems, or a combination to incorporate variety in their binary portfolio.
  • 6 Flexible Indicators – Once the system preferences are established, OptionRobot has six indicators that are adjustable in the settings menu. Customers have the ability to choose multiple indicators, but a signal is generated that satisfies each individual algorithm independently. Talk about genuine flexibility.

The six indicators are Trend, RSI, Williams, MACD, STOCH and CCI. If any combination of these market sensitive indicators is activated, then all must signal buy, for a stock purchase to be executed. When there is a contradiction in signals between any of these indicator settings, no trade will be executed – buy or sell.
This is one of the most user-appealing features of OptionRobot that helps establish controllable safeguards for any investment goals.

  • Expiry Times & Currency – There are additional specific criteria for trading options using trading methods and pairs. Account holders can set an expiry time on trades from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. Within the FAQ section, users have a number of questions answered, including how to designate specific expiration parameters and which brokers support which time settings.

With the time flexibility meshed with any combination of the trio of systems and indicators, users are able to establish an unbelievable level of personal control using this innovative trading software. Setting up desired currency pairs is also part of the trading methods available with this software.

Account Setup – Deposits & Withdrawals – Demo Bonus

  • Setting up an account with OptionRobot is safe and secure, but most of all simple. They do not pressure potential new users to immediately jump in and throw money around. Once an account is established, the available features and systems are explained in detail, including a free demonstration option.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are safe and secure using expert software encryption. There is a comfortable $200 minimum deposit for actual live trading, and that balance can be augmented at any time.

Profits can easily be withdrawn by linking to the corresponding broker page where instructions are simple to follow. OptionRobot does not make it difficult to securely extract investment earnings when they are needed.

  • There also currency pairs currently available, with more on the horizon. This allows a mixture of trading options between different international markets. Again, the flexibility of OptionRobot is as strong as any binary trading option available to traders.
  • All new accounts receive a $1,000 demonstration balance. This is not only another measure to add credibility, but also gives new users a chance to get a feel for the binary trading system before committing real money. New accounts can manipulate the three different systems and observe how the six indicators function to implement specific investment criteria.

Help & Support

Help and support staff are ready to answer questions even before an official account is set up. This is another refreshingly competent aspect, which enhances the credibility of OptionRobot reinforcing open trustworthiness. There are a number of binary trading packages where reviewers have reported excellent experiences when using the demo mode, but as soon as real money becomes involved, the support essentially disappears.
OptionRobot starts out with helpful FAQ information, answers inquiries even from potential customers, and then continues to provide pinnacle support for valued users after an account is activated.
With an account in place, the next step is to deposit funds into an active account. The system also provides a level of support for novice traders to ensure they have the best chance of success with their investments.
Since one of the priority objectives of binary software is to perform trading in situations where human speed is inadequate, swiftness is essential. OptionRobot is setting a new pinnacle for speed and accuracy. The binary trading software is designed for efficient operation that produces successful results and the download is free.
Flexibility is imperative to handle market fluctuations, so the diversity of setting indicators and trio of systems available to traders with OptionRobot is outstanding. While there are other competent binary trading options on the market, considering all the positive features and trustworthiness of OptionRobot there really isn’t much need to search elsewhere.

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