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Broker Boss Capital
Website URL
Founded 2014
Headquarters Gibraltar
Support Number +44 203 519 3488
Support Types Live Chat, Support Email
Languages English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, French
Trading Platform SpotOption
Minimum 1st Deposit $200
Minimum Account Size $200
Minimum Trade Amount $10
Maximum Trade Amount $7500
Bonus Up to 50% first deposit bonus
Payout 85%
Free Demo Account Yes
Account Types Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP
Deposit Methods Visa, MasterCard, Wire transfer, Electronic payments
Withdrawal Methods Visa, MasterCard, Wire transfer, Electronic payments
Number of Assets 200+
Expiry Times 24hr, 1hr, 15min, 60sec, 7days, Monthly, End of the year
Types of Assets Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Option Types High/Low, Touch/No Touch, Boundary, 60 Second Trades
Account Currency USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, Yen, RUB
US Traders Allowed No
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 4.6


  • Low minimum investment
  • High ROI


  • Doesn't accept US customers

11 Ways To Choose a Good Binary Options Broker

Everyone has their own views on this matter. Today these views are coming straight from This is one of the better sites to do binary trading from. The only recommendation is that traders get a basic grasp of what to expect before jumping in with both feet. Below is a list of suggestions to help each person get started on the site. This list is more of a starter guide. Click here for more of a complete guide on the matter.

Choosing a good broker is like choosing a good shrink

The two are interlinked in many ways. Would a person choose a shrink that does not listen to them? Would a person choose a shrink who simply blows the person off? Some shrinks are in it for the money. Some do want to help their patients. Same goes for brokers on this site. Every binary site works this way.

Choose a broker who is going to listen to what the needs are. There is a difference between hearing and listening. Every trader needs to know the difference. Some assume that a broker who is listening is hearing what they are saying. This is not true. Same goes for a shrink. Get an understanding of the difference and pick accordingly.

Pick a reliable broker

This is another suggestion from the list that gets confused. Some feel that if the broker is hearing them they will also be reliable. This is not true. A person can have the greatest listening skills in the world and still not know what to do. Pick someone who has both of these skills.

Pick someone who can give out good advice on where to go and which binary option to pick. Pick someone who has been in the field before. Pick someone who has an understanding of everything involved with the binary world. The more knowledge the person has, the more they can help.

Think about the expectations. Is the person thinking more long-term? Is the person thinking more short-term? What is in the best interest of the trader? What does the trader want? It has to be the trader’s choice. Do not pressure them into something just because it seems like a good idea.

Research is key here. It is the only way to make a well-informed choice

Platform is key

Pick a platform on the site that works for the person. There are many to choose from on this site. Each trader has to pick the one that works for them. Not all of them are the same. Some have different features. Some have different tools. Some have different rollovers and sales. Each trader has to keep their own style in mind. It is good to always be updated on the platform being used. There is no such thing as too much knowledge.

Auto trading is okay to use

This is being considered as the pioneer of binary trading. It is a platform that does all the work for the person. This is not to say the trader should not earn the knowledge and resources for themselves. The auto trading will help out. It will make some of the more important choices without the person having to get involved.

Consider using it. It is perfect for those who are brand new to the world of binary trading. This feature can give tips and hints as to where the person needs to go. A profile of the trader is created and the system does the rest. It is full-proof. It is also 100% reliable and accurate.

Take a breather

Do not hurry with this. The ones who are the most guilty are the ones new to the site. They get excited and move to fast. This happens to those who see things are going well. It is okay to get excited, but do not let it go to the head. Others will do force trading. They see things are going bad and get a wild hair up their neck. Take some time off. Shut down the computer and walk away. It is the universe’s way of saying the person needs to take some time off. Do not push things. Pushing it can only result in something worse happening.

Get news

Some consider this to be boring and repetitive. It may feel boring to some, but it is necessary. The news is being offered for a reason. It is the only way for some to know what is going on. Do not turn it off. The news can offer valuable insight as to what is a good risk versus a bad one. Think of it as more education. The market can give pointers as to which picks are doing well. The more a person knows, the better they do.

Social trading

This is one tip that works for some and does not for others. Try it. This site is listed on the social platforms. Sometimes the social platforms offer a better idea of what is happening. It is being offered in real time. This is good for those who are beginning. Many beginners do not have a firm grasp on analysis yet. This options will teach beginners about what to expect and look for. Need help getting started. There is a tool on the site that can help. Click here to find out more.

Do not underestimate the power of the force of knowledge

“The force is there. It is with every person”–Yoda

Yoda had a point when he said this. There is a great power in the force of knowledge. Never underestimate it. Never overestimate it either. Accept it for what it is and use it. This is not about luck. Never place value on luck with binary trading. It is about the knowledge. Use it wisely and it will work. Learn new strategies and plan accordingly. Some like to stick with their old methods. This may or may not work. Plan for the unexpected and learn the power of knowledge.

The budget

This is another key element. Every trader needs to know their own budget. This way traders will not go overboard. Know how much can be spent. Know when to spend it and stick with this plan. Limiting their trading will avoid the emotional trading. Emotional trading is something that many get involved in, especially the new people. They assume they can handle it. Handling it is not the problem. It is the carry-out of the emotions that is the problem. Avoid the traps and everything should be fine.


As Janet likes to say, “Got to have control”. This is very true. Control should always be part of the plan. Think of it like shopping online. Put the wanted items in the watch list. As time moves on, go over the list and see what is still wanted or needed. It is a well-known fact that 50% of the items in the watch list will go bye-bye.

This is because these items were all considered due to impulse buying. Keep it all in check. Same goes for binary trading. Not everything a trader sees is something they really want. The excitement gets to them. It is like a “rush” or “high”. Exercising more control will eliminate the “wasteful” trading.

Eggs in one basket

This is another problem area for some. Do not place every last cent into one thing. Know how much can be spent for each trade. Do not go beyond this limit. Do not place all bets on one thing. It is like a financial portfolio. Space things out a little bit. Invest in a few things and let it ride.

Putting all the eggs in one basket is one way to lose every last cent. There are people who lost their pension funds and 401ks because they relied on that one deal. Keep a healthy balance. Take small amounts and place them in different binary options. This will cut down on the impulse spending.

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